January 2022

Video Jung

The “Shadow”, Carl Jung’s concept (part 1)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V1H91sXEE6w Transcript Terms of definitions and if you were taking Webster’s dictionary and writing the Lancaster dictionary what would be the literal definition of your shadow side the shadow side the shadow side is that part of our psyche that part of our soul that is a darker energy a lower energy that affects our …

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Video Who Am I

Dr. Joseph Lancaster about his psycho-spiritual therapy, self-discovery, Who am I?

Transcript In this day and age what are the problems that you feel like you’re most qualified to help people with answering the question who am i because in an intake, I often ask people that question and most people have no idea how to could you answer the question, who am I? What am …

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Video Gnostic Pneumatherapy Book

Gnostic Pneumatherapy Book

Transcript Well, my book gnostic Pneumatherapy is a pathway of self-discovery it’s kind of like an offshoot we could say from the ancient greek mysteries in my book, in particular, there’s what’s called the therapeutic mysteries we’re using umbrella terms here now therapeutic mysteries and then the spiritual mysteries, so when the initiate mean a …

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Video Dreams In Short

Dreams (in short)

Transcript And that path is a path of self-discovery for example, our minds our daily consciousness does not know everything many times we think we do, but we really don’t for example, let’s say we have a dream and the dream shows us many different facets of who we are on a much deeper hidden level and we need to be aware of that in order to fully …

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flower of life


By Dr. Joseph Lancaster “What a coincidence!” Haven’t you heard these words before? Haven’t you had such an odd experience where two events—independently—happen around the same time? I’m sure you have. The famous psychologist, Carl Jung, called this coincidence, Synchronicity, in his treatise called, Synchronicity: An Acausal Connecting Principle. This writing is about those strange, …