Gnostic Pneumatherapy!®

Gnostic Pneumatherapy® is for anyone with a deep and strong desire to know themselves on a “psycho-spiritual” level of transcendence. The Gnostic Pneumatherapy® model is open to all religious preferences. Dr. Joseph Lancaster offers Gnostic Pneumatherapy® psycho-spiritual counseling, a unique view of therapy and analysis that emerges out of the healing arts of ancient Gnosticism and the contemporary depth psychological tradition of Dr. Carl Jung. Using this view, therapists, and patients can approach healing from the four systems of human nature: the Source, the spirit, the soul, and the body. Listening and observing the wisdom of all four systems offers us the best outcome for healing.

Our human problem is a lack of knowledge: ignorance. To defeat ignorance, we need to view ourselves differently, not as isolated entities but as participants of the spirit world, members of a community who are making creative efforts to find and establish peace in ourselves and in our world. We each belong to that community of beings, and our conscious involvement in that spiritual community is the key to unlocking the dynamics of liberation. And liberation is the precursor to finding wholeness.

The Gnostic Pneumatherapy® psycho-spiritual approach answers the lack of knowledge problem by providing a vision and a path work. The vision spells out the reality of human nature and the purpose of our lives from a Gnostic-Jungian point of view. The path work offers specific steps you can take in finding your own connection to the inner and outer world of peace, harmony, and bliss!


Dr. Lancaster’s expertise in psychology and religion is derived from the ancient Gnostics and Carl Jung, the famous Depth psychologist. Thus, after graduate school, in 2001, Dr. Stephan A. Hoeller, the renowned Gnostic-Jungian scholar, began to mentor this ancient and modern wisdom to Dr. Lancaster, and it has continued for over the last 20 years!   

This ancient wisdom that was learned, retained, and practiced is now reflected in Dr. Lancaster’s uniquely created approach to therapy—which is a path work model for initiates—called, Gnostic Pneumatherapy®. 

As mentioned earlier, due to the mentorship of Dr. Hoeller, and others, this “Gnostic-Jungian” approach works with the individual’s talk therapy, couple’s therapy, group therapy, humor, hypnosis, synchronicities, mythologies, dreams, rituals, symbols, insights, intuition, and active imagination (one’s visionary work). And Dr. Lancaster also welcomes patients from a variety of religious backgrounds and preferences. Any spiritual issue is also welcomed. 

Overall, due to Dr. Lancaster’s approach, he can now mentor people step-by-step on their unique path of life as they make self-discoveries of holiness, healthiness, peace, meaning, value, purpose, wholeness and much more! 

So, ask yourself, is this not the kind of mentoring you want? Dr. Lancaster provides a mentoring that helps you to help yourself. Both internally and externally, it’s a mentoring that leads you to a happy ending. If interested, please join Dr. Lancaster’s Gnostic Pneumatherapy approach to experience a divine comedy, i.e., happy ending!

Dr. Lancaster’s Mentors


Gnostic Pneumatherapy® psycho-spiritual therapy and analysis provides a new therapeutic approach that uses a Gnostic-Jungian method of research, understanding, and practices to treat the human condition. Its modern theory and techniques link back to the forgotten and creative plethora of ancient wisdom, especially from Western sources. These resources allow Gnostic Pneumatherapy® to incorporate the ancient symbolic practices of allegory, ritual, mythology, wisdom teachings, active imagination, and more into therapeutic and analytical services.

Thus, a world of psycho-spiritual possibilities and potentialities will come forth into a person’s awareness by super-consciousness! This incredible experience will initiate a person into a soul’s journey. The spiritual realms of integrity and higher being will bring forth psycho-spiritual qualities of health, like awareness, truth, freedom, balance, peace, compassion, and wisdom. These healing qualities are associated with the ultimate life goal of being a whole person. Due to this attainment, one’s personality is no longer fragmented with its many negative consequences.


Do you seriously ask or ponder on life questions, such as: “Where is God in my life?; Why am I emotionally suffering?; How can I psychologically understand and improve myself through the spirit?; How do I experience my higher consciousness toward wisdom?; Truly, who am I?” If so, the Gnostic Pneumatherapy® psycho-spiritual approach can greatly help stimulate and support an expansion of consciousness, which answers these examinations for you!

Thus, Gnostic Pneumatherapy® welcomes you to its unique psycho-spiritual approach to meet your needs on the highest level of spiritual understanding, connection, and benefit per the knowledge and healing you’ll experience in becoming a whole person!