Dr. Joseph Lancaster about his psycho-spiritual therapy, self-discovery, Who am I?


In this day and age what are the problems that you feel like you’re most qualified to help people with answering the question who am i because in an intake, I often ask people that question and most people have no idea how to could you answer the question, who am I? What am I? at best, usually, the answer is, well, I am a taxpayer, I’m a male, I’m a dad uh well yes, those things are important but those are just personas roles you play it’s not who you really are to answer the question, who am I? It’s really about what’s behind the mask what’s behind all those roles your essence, your energy why is that so important your god and as the old saying goes, you can’t beat god so like the gnostics would say do we know where we came from, who we are, and where we’re going so again, knowing who we are relates to uh manly p hall’s old saying since when is a beautiful night of the divine for the divine it’s always of the beautiful and that’s you, that’s me, that’s all of us we are all very beautiful and like  Stephan A. Hoeller, my mentor says whenever it’s of the beautiful, it’s of the divine so that’s the kind of world that we all need and want right yeah so that’s important for us to be in touch with our hidden sphere or atmosphere or the divine ocean as it’s sometimes called, there’s many discoveries that can be made out of that divine ocean like when we have a dream for example, oh is that a part of me is that a part of me or a vision so I don’t think people probably come to you thought with the idea of Dr Lancaster, I’m here to find out who i am I don’t know if anybody’s ever done that before so what are people actually coming to you for in the beginning even if eventually they’re learning who they are, and that’s leading to some bigger answers for them what do you feel like they’re initially coming for on the surface what is the big problems of the world that drive people to your to your phone to your screen to your office pain emotional pain of various sorts, I have depression i have anxiety but on a little deeper level, sometimes that pain is meaninglessness what is what is the meaning of my life why am I here and so that’s very much what I’m all about at heart when it comes to my gnostic union approach called gnostic Pneumatherapy it’s about finding meaning in your life based on everything I was saying earlier and when you find that meaning you find the value you find a purpose in your life why is that important because? It heals over the depression, it heals over the anxieties in other words the more you get in touch with your deeper light within then it shines away all the darkness in your life no matter what is depression? Bad marriage uh meaningless life ah, now it is meaningful. I know why I’m here I know what I’m supposed to be doing uh, I know myself, and I feel comfortable in my own skin and thus, I can now act like Christ, I can now act like the buddha or the Krishna or whoever you’re into even if it’s your deceased grandmother fine but this is very inspiring for us to live a more meaningful healthier life that’s of the light the beauty the understanding the compassion compassion all accepting of all people like the Gnostics were and are as well as unions and so that’s why as a psychologist, I’m trying to promote people that come to ultimately be able to answer that question who am I and live out that truth to make this world a better place from within and without so the answers to the question who am i is also going to be what you’re using to help them overcome the pain, yes absolutely to overcome the pain you know you’ll be amazed all of us are amazed when we do our life’s inner work when we walk our path, for example you’ll be amazed and that when that light that development of a light you could call it mindfulness if you want to it’s a very popular turn, yeah but what does mindfulness really mean as Eckhart Tolle says, it really means the presence and so when you get in touch with the presence that’s already within yourself and it develops and comes to fruition in your mind in the way you talk in the way you react in the way you feel, thus that mindfulness that presence is answering the question who am i to be one with that presence now you know who you are, you can answer the question who am I and thus be it accordingly, yes, is there a more a powerful question that you could ask or find or discover than who am I in your opinion  is there is there a bigger better question or does it really all come down to that for you well  I tell you what for fun and scholarship I’ll I’ll try to explain this to you okay what you’re saying is that itself is the journey the journey is to find out is there is a bigger question yeah, it’s okay. Here’s the way Joseph Campbell puts it and I may be paraphrasing here but basically, as Joseph Campbell says um the best things in life can’t be talked about …

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