August 2021

Gnostic Pneumatherapy® Step-By-Step Path Transcript Life is full of chaos because people don’t know themselves. People are unconscious about how they affect others negatively because of their unawareness. This is their unhealth “familiarities” or “normal” because unconsciousness exists where there is mental and emotional pain and then it radiates outward towards others. We know that this problem of […]

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Hypnotherapy Explained Transcript Do you pray or meditate for the sake of gaining insight, healing, or purpose in life? Like prayer or meditation, “hypnosis” means focused awareness. The common practice of therapy or psychotherapy is a derivative of hypnosis, meaning your “talking cure” is involved. Why is having a focused awareness so important? People, for the

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The Power of Dreams Analysis Transcript Dreams and visions are similar experiences. However, it’s been said the dreams is a vision of the night. Visions are a state of mind between being asleep and being awake. Either way, a person who has a dream or vision can experience through their intuition a profound knowledge of that mystery which influences

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