Spiritual Therapy and Counseling For Soul Healing

Hardships in life and traumas or feeling ashamed and unloved are a pain resulting in soul loss. You start disconnecting from people and the precious part of yourself and hide it away. This can create a sense of being lost, meaninglessness and purposelessness. If you are deeply spiritual and want to rediscover the most sacred part of you, a spiritual therapist can help! Psycho-spiritual therapy can help you travel back to the painful times when you got disconnected from yourself.

A true professional spiritual counselor can assist you re-claim your soul and experience your intrinsic wholeness.  Spiritual counseling can connect you with your spiritual side, leading to exploring different paths of connection and searching for the meaning of life.

Connect With A Professional Online For Spiritual Counseling

Individuals seeking spiritual counseling can get help at Divine Life Therapy. I am Joseph Lancaster, an online spiritual therapy expert. I can help you by integrating spirituality into the therapeutic process, which can be an important component of the healing process. There are several benefits of spirituality, and you can get them in your life even if you have left your religious background. You can still find a way to connect spiritually and enhance your emotional wellbeing.

My online spiritual counseling sessions can lower your blood pressure, reduce stress and longevity, and increase job satisfaction. Spiritual therapy can improve the quality of your life by minimizing your anxiety, recognizing and changing underlying thought and behavioral patterns that contributed to your struggle. For long-lasting in your life, I can help you conquer your pain by healing your trauma and confronting all your fears.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • A “spiritual” therapist is a “religious” therapist! So, we need to understand what the word “religion” truly means, right? Nothing to do with organized religion, the word religion means: the way of joining; meaning, the soul goes back to the Source! So, no matter what religious background a person comes from, the spiritual (or religious) therapist all walks of life to have a religious experience. This means, the therapist helps the patient to directly experience the divine, as means of therapy.
  • Directly connecting (and talking) with the divine
  • To have one’s ego consciousness expand into a divine type of consciousness
  • Integration or Assimilation of the divine into one’s daily life for positive results, e.g., less depression and anxiety, better relationships, better world-view, coming to know one’s true Self (as Carl Jung, would say), etc.
  • Therapist needs to know the patient’s religous background, what the struggle is, what the need is, etc. 
  • Based on the patient’s background, do they just want a spiritual / religious oriented talk therapy or do they desire to do the elongated path-work, such as Divine Life Therapy’s “Gnostic Pneumatherapy”?
  • Dream analysis
  • Active Imagination (visionary work)
  • Flashes of insight
  • Symbol work
  • Reading mythologies
  • Possible EMDR an hypnotic experiences 
  • etc.
  • Wow, Aha, flashes of insight experiences
  • People are very thankful for this type of therapy approach
  • Afterwards, people live a better life due to better mental health
  • When needed, people come back to this therapy approach, e.g., Gnostic Pneumatherapy