How Can Spiritual Therapy Help To Solve Anxiety and Other Mental Health Issues?

Since mental problem of anxiety frequently has the unknown or a lack of control factor over something at its foundation, fear is prominent. Your nervousness, irritability, and negative self-beliefs can hamper or put an end to your academic studies, work life, social activities, or spiritual endeavors. However, studies have shown that guidance, a sense of purpose, and spiritual activities can give a person direction, and thereby,  lower anxiety levels. To help give this relief, a skilled anxiety therapist—with a spiritual emphasis—can support your healing.

Understanding Spirituality

Understood correctly, the popular term “spirituality” is truly “religion” because both are synonymous. This is true, in a scholarly sense, because the term religion  is from the old Italian Latin—i.e., religio—which means the way of joining. In other words, religion is made up of “re” meaning to go back and “ligio” to link back. What links back? Your soul can link back to the Source because that’s where you came from. And this is what spirituality is all about too! Therefore, we see the possibility of healing our anxieties and other issues by re-unifying with the Source because that’s when you’re back to your best primordial condition. Even many religious sources make reference to God knowing and forming us before we were born. Therefore, spiritual unification is needed again for internal / external health. 

However, due to many not knowing about religious experiences that are healing, as Carl Jung and the Gnostics spoke about, people often say “I’m not religious, I’m spiritual.” With better understanding, what these type of people are really trying to say is that they are not into “organized religion.” Instead, they are spiritual; which is now known per this blog, to be religious—in the original sense of the word! Being truly religious, as like the spiritual, relates to a person who has an open ended mindset and approach (beyond their ego) per their mysterious dreams, visions, meditations, flashes of insight, etc. for self-discovery purposes. This view and approach leads to one’s religious experience (e.g., talking directly to the divine, absorbing an angel’s energy, ultimately knowing God within) which is crucial to one’s psycho-spiritual development and healing within: thus, less anxiety; more peace.

More Examples Of Spiritual Wellness

Now that we understand how religion or religious experience provides psycho-spiritual healing, this experience can be associated with what some call, spiritual wellness. However, complete wellness includes all three dimensions of our nature: body, mind, spirit. So, even though the spirit rules over all, the lower mind and body are also intertwined. Therefore, other areas of your existence have an opportunity to be negatively impacted. 

For instance, a person suffering from a chronic illness may not be hopeful about their health improving, and therefore, lack spiritual wellness. Therefore, depression and anxiety may be prevalent for this person because they may struggle to find meaning, value, and purpose in their life.They can no longer work, pursue hobbies, or handle the necessities of daily life on their own. The by-product of these disorders can lead to thoughts, feelings, and behaviors which cause certain issues.

People who experience issues due to a lack of spiritual wellness may have:

  • Lack of inner peace 
  • Feelings of meaningless or emptiness.
  • Worry or unease
  • Need to develop themselves
  • Feeling detached
  • Judgements about themselves and others
  • Trouble with self-compassion and self-forgiveness
  • Lack of community

Being spiritually focused, however, can significantly influence one’s capacity to deal with negative life experiences. Focusing on religious meditations, prayers, mythologies (for self-discovery), and church activities can have the following effects of healing one’s anxiety or depression:

  • Feeling emotional and social support
  • Feeling solace during grief and loss periods  
  • Finding the meaning and purpose of life
  • Acquiring ethical and moral principles for life

Therefore, when a person is in good spiritual health due to acquiring spiritual therapy, the individual may discover:

  • Upbeatness, even when situations are challenging 
  • Compassion and empathy for others
  • A solid sense of worth
  • Forgiveness for oneself and others
  • Peace
  • Harmony with the natural tendencies of life
  • Comfort in religious practices per the ritual, prayer, or meditation
  • Balance to manage one’s mental health issues
  • Knowing of thyself per divine experience 

Final Words

Summing up, per this blog, we now know how one can overcome anxiety and other mental health issues with the help of spiritual or religious experience. Spiritual Healing Therapy is equipped with this divine insight and method. It can provide the peace and cheer you need since it boosts your mind with the positivity that’s beyond the universe, such as the greater light! What a divine resource for the spiritual therapist to pull from when treating feelings of anxiety and other mental health issues via this spiritual approach, which is beyond the mind to heal the mind. 

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