Dr. Joseph Lancaster about visions, dreams, and Gnostic Pneumatherapy book


David Fagan, I’m here with Dr Lancaster and we’ve been talking about all kinds of amazing things, but one of the things that I latched on to is you start talking about visions and not just um, you know going to sleep and hope you have a good dream but really how do you have on purpose visions and is it true that that is really a thing can you can you fine-tune uh and make yourself have visions dr Lancaster is absolutely okay. I have had people in my office have visions of Jesus Christ or angels or their deceased loved ones so visions are very similar to dreams that’s more common knowledge when people have a dream but a vision has even more power and energy to it than a dream thus you don’t have to try to figure it out so much a vision is more direct where for example, a god, a goddess an angel may come directly to you while your eyes are closed or your eyes can be opened as well and you talk with that angel or divine figure and absorb its healing divine energy to inspire your own life to be better okay, so how do we know the difference between a dream or a vision uh we just had an experience. Maybe we woke up uh, that’s just some random dream, no that was the vision, or hey, I just spaced off and kind of went someplace, and I was daydreaming how do I know that was daydreaming, or how do I know if that was that was a vision yes, a very good question so it’s called reverie. Reverie is a state of mind where it’s, you’re in between sleep and wakefulness and when you’re in that middle ground that’s when a vision usually happens especially if you participate in it you’re not just daydreaming in order for it to be healing your ego your daily consciousness that’s having that vision needs to participate in it in order to benefit from it, and it’s a very direct uh simple, easy-going experience although it’s a very exciting, profound experience but it’s simple to understand, unlike a dream where you have to kind of figure it outright right, so I know you have some steps and we don’t have enough time to get in that here, I know people want those steps, uh, we’ll give you a place to go we’ll give you a way to interact with dr Lancaster, but I think that’s where those steps become so valuable is to know how to put all the odds in your favor of on purpose creating these observations that turn into daydreaming and dreams and even the higher visions that we can learn from once somebody masters this is this something we can do once or twice a day once or twice a week um does this just make it a little bit more predictable or is it really almost on command well as my book talks about these detailed steps it is a daily experience for the most part sure because that’s really what the the goal is the more you do it, the more you become sensitive to those higher affinities yeah and the more readily they come to you whenever you need them, yeah, for example if you’re having negative self-thoughts then uh, a particular angel might come your way and lift you up, for example yeah, or if you’re anxious, another divine being of some sort may come and lift you up in another way or calm you down rather in order to feel more at ease yeah so the more we’re open, our minds are open and non-judgmental the more it’s going to happen automatically spontaneously and as i explained before the spontaneity is very important because it means it’s more pure and thus more divine, there’s a lot of books out there of like what did my dream mean and what does this dream mean and what does that dream mean and this is just one element of your practice but uh is it true that you can interpret and give some interpretations of these dreams and visions absolutely yes, you’re listening to Dr Lancaster here, and he is the key to getting the answers that you want about the insights and what’s going on on the inside, and we’ll have more from him real soon thanks