Gnostic Pneumatherapy Book


Well, my book gnostic Pneumatherapy is a pathway of self-discovery it’s kind of like an offshoot we could say from the ancient greek mysteries in my book, in particular, there’s what’s called the therapeutic mysteries we’re using umbrella terms here now therapeutic mysteries and then the spiritual mysteries, so when the initiate mean a new awareness beyond just a patient when an initiate like in ancient times graduates the therapeutic mysteries, then they go into the spiritual mysteries, so what entails the therapeutic mysteries well it’s more of a paper pencil type of homework mentorship that I go ahead and facilitate where basically I teach people the foundations of the pneumotherapy like for example there are four levels of your essence your nature there’s your body there’s your mind there’s your spirit and it all has a source right so as you learn about those four elements of your essence by mythology, for example mindfulness techniques etc. then eventually, you graduate to have an even deeper gnosis meaning divine knowledge about yourself this is about self-discovery. Remember yes and in the spiritual mysteries than we get more into what your dreams are all about as the book talks about but especially your potential, I have visions and I teach you how to have visions no medication, no drugs necessary this is all organic and spontaneous, and why is that spontaneity so important because it’s more pure more divine when it’s spontaneous, for example, like when you have a dream; it’s very spontaneous, right we all know that and therefore it’s very powerful and meaningful but especially in visions just the same it’s very powerful and meaningful experience to give you a new knowledge about yourself that you did not have before and when you have that knowing that gnosis that knowledge then it heals your life over thank you