March 2022

Blog Dreams


By Dr. Joseph Lancaster Who doesn’t dream? We all dream though many forget as they awake from their slumber. What is a dream? It’s a vision of the night. Dreams are an unconscious projection of your own hidden nature.  Why do we dream and what do they contain? Dreams manifest—spontaneously—because of our natural instincts or

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Blog Talk Therapy

Talk Therapy

By Dr. Joseph Lancaster What is psychotherapy? Some say that “psychotherapy”, often known as “therapy”, refers to the treatment of illness or serving another. Typically, this treatment entails a psychologist or therapist being present and listening to a patient’s mental health issues (e.g., symptoms of depression, anxiety, etc.) that get in the way of their

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Video Can You Solve My Problem

Who am I? Transcript So if someone is sitting in our audience today, they’re listening to you and trying to determine, you know, is this somebody that could help me? What’s a problem that somebody could be experiencing today that you can help solve? Well, I think for most people is to answer the question who am

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