Understand Yourself Deeply With Talk Therapy By Experienced Jungian Therapist

Sometimes, you need more than resolving problems in your life. It is particularly engaging one’s inner life or balancing the demand of life in the outside world and the need for a meaningful world inside. The Jungian analysis involves in-depth psychotherapy, emphasizing deep psychological growth rather than just symptom relief.

It honors depth, complexity and wholeness. If you also feel the persistent need for self-discovery or experiencing any emotional distress and need some help, you must see a Jungian therapist online or personally.

Jungian therapy is a form of psychotherapy that involves instinctual motivation for psychological development. Jungian therapy aims to achieve psychological healing and wellness of the individual by aligning conscious and unconscious parts of the individual’s personality.   When you choose online Jungian therapy to lead a better life, I begin through deep analysis as I believe in working deeply rather than quickly. I can assure you that this therapy will help you better understand the unconscious influences in your life and also help you recognize all denied or unrecognized aspects of your life. I value your dreams. It is more like a nightly trail to those mysterious parts of yourself that inform and enlarge your waking life.

How Can I Help You?

I am a Certified Jungian Therapist and use various techniques like dream journaling and interpretation and creative experiences like art, music, or movement to release your imagination. I try to explore unconscious influences in your life and integrate denied or unrecognized aspects of your personality to help you achieve deep and long-lasting changes in your personality. Depending upon your condition, the success of this therapy ultimately depends on your commitment to regularly scheduled sessions and intense work.  For more information, feel free to contact us!

Dr. Lancaster

I use various techniques like dream journaling and interpretation and creative experiences such as music, art, or movement to encourage creativity and release individual imagination. I have helped several people with psychological problems and even those who weren’t sure about their problems. If you search for “Jungian Analyst Near Me,” you will find me among the top results. For more information on Jungian therapy, feel free to contact me.


Frequently Asked Questions

It’s a therapy approach, based on the teachings and practices of Carl Jung, the famous psychologist.

  • People with good / healthy ego-strength.
  • People who are psycho-spiritually oriented or open to this approach.
  • Clients need to be interested in and/or have dreams, visions, etc.
  • Patient’s need to strongly desire answering this question: “Who am I?”