Cope With Guilt With The Help Of Expert

Guilt is an emotion related to a person’s sense of right and wrong. The effects of guilt are often uncomfortable, including sorrow, sadness, or physical discomfort. Those who have strong feelings of guilt may find themselves stuck. Some people suffer from excessive or chronic guilt, which is hard to overcome. If your feeling of guilt negatively affects your life and you are struggling to overcome them alone, you can take the help of a compassionate counselor like Dr. Joseph Lancaster, who provides treatment for the same in guilt therapy.

How Can Guilt Therapy Help You Overcome Your Guilt?

Dr. Lancaster has a unique way of helping individuals with guilt issues. He begins by normalizing and validating an individual’s experience. I ensure all my clients are not alone and they are the only ones suffering from the condition. It’s a human experience that needs to share; otherwise, it could end up feeling worse. I tie deeply with my patients and give them confidence that I feel for their stance and experience. Once I figure out the reason behind the guilt or shame and then further move toward the process of

shame therapy

. It could be a long journey, but I can assure you that you could be free from all burdens that stop you from being you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Trauma Therapy may help to reframe the event and make them understand that they did nothing wrong and began to heal from the trauma.

Three types of guilt that humans experience are:

  1. Reactive
  2. Anticipatory
  3.   Existential

Guilt and shame can cause anxiety, depression, and paranoia.

Guilt is activated in the amygdala and insula, brain organs.

You can’t let go of guilt because you are controlling your guilt, and you have believed that you are not worthy of feeling good.

Negative perceptions of one’s own thoughts or actions are the root cause of guilt.