How To Identify And Manage Abandonment Issues?

People daily go through a list of emotions. Some positively impact our overall health, while few deteriorate our wellbeing. Amid all this, identifying the emotional feeling which can pose a risk to our mental health is challenging. Take the case of anxiety.

Did you know anxiety is a term given to several emotional experiences?

If not, Divine Therapy brings you a brief insight into what is called fear of abandonment. And how Therapy for abandonment issues can help. Keep reading!

What is Termed Fear Of Abandonment?

The loss of a dear one is a part of human life. We can not control the mortal world, which sometimes creates fear among individuals. And loss here doesn’t limit to death; it also means an end to relationships. In our years of psychotherapy experience, we have come across optimistic and high-spirit people who suffer from the fear of abandonment. The sole idea of losing someone they care about makes them anxious.

People who may suffer from this type of anxiety respond in different manners. Some may constantly fear losing their loved ones, while others push people to leave. Yes, the second case may surprise you, but people with abandonment issues exhibit this behavior to protect themselves from the pain and loss. Though fear of abandonment is not a recognized mental health disorder, medical professionals still treat it as a type of anxiety.

Like other types of anxiety, fear of abandonment does not show intentional initial behaviors. But with time, the response and attention one receives from behavior can cause someone to behave the same way repetitively.

This type of behavior can ruin healthy relationships. It can also make a person stay in fear forever. Divine Therapy is here for support if you or anybody you know need help with abandonment issues.

Before we move towards prospective ways to treat abandonment issues, let us know what common symptoms may look like.

What Are The Common Systems Of Abandonment Issues?

People with a fear of abandonment exhibit different types of the same behaviors. Some behaviors are more prominent among individuals and easily noticeable. These symptoms may include–

Engaging In Shallow Relationships

Cycling through many shallow relationships because an individual fears intimacy is one symptom. The person engaged in such relationships tends to leave the other person before they do so.

Irrational Decision Making

People fear feeling hurt, and that is why they knowingly push away their partner to avoid going through pain. These irrational acts to get out of relationships have a drastic effect on both the persons involved.

Staying in Toxic Relationships

You must have encountered instances around you where a person, despite every red sign, stays in an unhealthy relationship. They intentionally ignore the other person’s bad behavior and keep forgiving them. This behavior is exhibited in response to the fear of being alone. At times, due to childhood experiences or past experiences, the fear of being left alone becomes so powerful that unknowingly, people cling to unhealthy relationships.

Seek Emotional Reassurance

In some cases, an individual constantly demands emotional guarantees to feel assured. But, the doubtful sentiments are strong enough to fade the genuine feelings of people around them.

What Are The Causes Of Abandonment Issues?

For the healthy development of humans, both physical and emotional needs must be met. How? To understand, divide human life into two phases– childhood and adulthood. A child seeks reassurance from their parents, whereas, after growing up, as an adult, they seek emotional reassurance from romantic and other personal relationships. However, some unfortunate instances can disturb or interrupt this cycle. These events or instances develop abandonment fears in individuals. The events may include:


Death is a natural process, but this doesn’t make it less painful. Losing your dear ones unexpectedly is an unfortunate event. It takes away emotional peace by creating a void that gets filled by fear.


Food, cloth, and shelter are necessities of life. However, human development requires much more than these three, like education, a good environment, clean water, etc. Scarcity or unavailability of basic needs creates a scarcity mindset. It further causes emotional distress and may develop a fear of abandonment due to a lack of resources.


Abuse is one umbrella term that speaks about physical, sexual, emotional, mental, and many other types of abuse. When a person experiences emotional and physical abuse in a relationship, the fear captures their mind. It gives power to the causes of abandonment issues.

Relationship Loss

Some events in life are unbearable, but they do occur. Losing a relationship due to reasons like divorce or death can become excruciating for someone. It may lead to the development of fears.


How Can Therapy Help?

Things can be challenging, but support is available. Once you know there is a continuous pattern in your emotional behavior that is affecting your relationships, it is time to seek the help of a professional. At divine Therapy, we offer support to people with online hypnotherapy, Therapy for anxiety, etc. You can google online or check our website. If you feel talking to someone close can help you, try it. Communication is the remedy to most problems. If nothing works, we are there for you!

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