Who am I?


So if someone is sitting in our audience today, they’re listening to you and trying to determine, you know, is this somebody that could help me? What’s a problem that somebody could be experiencing today that you can help solve? Well, I think for most people is to answer the question who am I so many people do not know who they are. Thus they suffer from anxiety, depression, panic attack, stress, fear, worry. Since what is beautiful is not of the divine, for the divine is always of the beautiful, that’s you, that’s me. That’s us so when we realize the divinity, that’s within us then it comes to fruition and we become a christ consciousness or buddha consciousness, for example, and thus we help to heal ourselves and the world over and how could solving these kinds of existential, you know, big thought problems how can that help us in everyday real practical life I have a patient of mine who I’ve taught this I should say an initiate meaning a new beginning a new awareness who’s taking my Gnostic Pneumatherapy Pathwork where I mentor her and she had severe depression, severe anxiety feels like a failure as a mother etc. etc. and so I taught her the active imagination approach which Carl Jung [ Jungian approach, Jungian methods of Carl Jung} ] is very well known for as well as gnostics, and thus she has experienced the unknown to become known the invisible to become visible in other words think about dreams for example, in dreams, there are many different figures right just like mythologies stories of revelation same thing with visions and thus as she is consciously through her ego experiencing those different powers of her hidden self those different traits of her hidden self that come to fruition whenever she has a certain problem like say depression then that divine figure like an angel comes to her and helps her with her depression through dialogue and assimilation or she’s having anxiety, then another archetype superior reality comes to her in a personified form and talks with her and guides her comforts her loves her uh just cures her of that anxiety in her daily life so the bottom line is the more we become sensitive to these higher realities they come to us, and we have to allow it and then they come to us more likely and assist us help us with whatever mental health difficulty we’re having and therefore we are able to live a life that is more peaceful more comforting, more helpful to other people as well because we’ve done our own work doing our own inner work helps other people as well to do their work to help make this world a better place well, on that note, the world is a better place when we come back we’re going to continue this conversation with Dr. Lancaster who has a real unique approach to psychotherapy, we’re going to dig into that a little bit deeper and how this level of expertise can help you overcome anxiety, depression, panic attack, stress, fear, worry.