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Welcome back to Studio 17 live. It is time for life advice on life and with us today is Doctor Joseph Lancaster of Divine Life Therapy. Thank you so much for being here today; I Appreciate it.

Yeah, thank you as well so much.

Of course. So why don’t you tell me a bit of yourself and then your private practice?
My name is Doctor Joseph Lancaster; I’m a licensed psychologist; I’m also the founder of Gnostic pneumatherapy, although many people could find me on

What is gnostic pneumatherapy? I hear you mentioning that, But what is that?

Well, it’s a path work for people to have their own self-discovery. To answer the question: who am I? Because so many of my patients cannot answer that question. They might say I’m a farmer, a taxpayer, or a father, but those are just personas masks we wear; what’s behind the mask to answer who you are. Therefore you can live by your essence and have a better life: less depression, less anxiety, a better marriage, and have more confidence.

How did you fall into all of this? How did you discover it?

My mentor, doctor Stephan A. Hoeller has been that for over 20 years. He’s a world-renowned scholar in Gnosticism and Jungian approach to anxiety depression, which is very similar to Buddhism, mindfulness, and therefore with similar philosophies and practices; I learned from him how to know myself? And as Shakespeare says, To thine own self be true. Even my mentor’s mentor, Manly P Hall, said that since when is a beautiful not of the divine for the divine is always beautiful. That’s what we need in this life, so, therefore, there is less chaos and more beauty in the world.

I love that. I’m hearing so much about it, and I feel like just watching you, so please tell me a bit about what does your private practice specializes in?

Couples therapy, Jungian approach, and a spiritual approach because you can’t beat God, as the old saying goes. Yeah, so that’s the ultimate healing, even in the Greek – Soter means not only a savior but also a healer. So we need that inner Consciousness, Christ’s consciousness, like Buddha’s consciousness, to heal over this mind, which brings us so many difficulties. So, therefore, we can smooth ourselves out, like the Hypnotherapy I do, so that people can have a better focus in life, clear vision, know where they’re going, and not be stuck in their daily lives with stress and anxiety, and depression.

So you guys, do you do Hypnotherapy?
What other treatments do you do?

Yes, Hypnotherapy and EMDR for people who are traumatized. Oh my gosh, 90% of my patients have trauma. So it’s very important to no longer be in our own way, but as the old saying goes. Get out of your own way to shine through your own divine life.

Your spiritual approach for doing therapy. Why is that so important?

Well, when we have that inner spiritual being come forth in our mind in our emotions in the way we speak, then we have fewer consequences in life. We have more balance. And with balance, there’s more freedom from suffering and or causing suffering. I think that’s all very important.

Having a balance in your life means getting to know who you are outside of titles outside your role in work or life or your relationship. Is finding out who you really are is definitely something important and helps you balance out a happy, healthy life as well.

Where can people get in touch with you to find out more information?

At will lead you into gnostic pneumatherapy so that you can come to my services and however you need them to be because all of us need a mentor, someone who we can grow like to be and therefore have a better life with the divine and yourself.

Thank you so much for coming on today, and we hope you all get that information at Thank you so much; we appreciate your time today.

Many blessings to the whole world, and I hope to be there for you and you with me so that we can make this place of chaos become peace—a divine bliss. As Joseph Campbell says, follow your bliss, and then this world will heal. Thank you.