By Dr. Joseph Lancaster

Who doesn’t dream? We all dream though many forget as they awake from their slumber. What is a dream? It’s a vision of the night. Dreams are an unconscious projection of your own hidden nature. 

Why do we dream and what do they contain? Dreams manifest—spontaneously—because of our natural instincts or feelings.  Divine inspiration can also manifest a dream to us. All the dream’s themes, places, and images are a truthful mirror reflection of you. 

What’s the purpose of a dream? It’s like a report card of how well you are doing—or not. Dreams can also be thought of as making your unconscious … conscious! Dreams make the invisible; visible. The unknown becomes known. Truly, in most cases, dreams can be professionally analyzed to see that it exists to give a positive energy or a healing process within a person’s soul because one’s thoughts and feelings progress toward self-enlightenment.

During the ancient times of Greece, priests would have physical and mentally ill people come to the temple and sleep there for a couple of days. When the person awoke, the priest would ask them what they dreamt of. 

Maybe, the person had a nightmare. This is what psychologists, like me, call an anxiety dream. I had a struggling patient who dreamt many times about looking into a mirror and seeing a demon look back. This reality may remind one of the old saying, “Life is but a dream.” 

Dreams can also take a different form where unconscious discoveries—from the beyond—come forth in a positive way. I had a patient who would invoke her deceased grandfather, faithfully, by paying attention during stressful times, and then, soon afterwards, dreamt of him providing emotional support, love, and guidance. 

I also know anonymous person who had a divine experience by dreaming that he was playing basketball. Far in the distance, a dark figure was quickly approaching him. It was aggressively coming towards him with loaded guns. However, due to my prior teachings, this person remembered how to bring forth a healing from this dark situation, such as: Don’t run away, be humble, ask it questions, stay in dialogue, and befriend it. Thus, as the dark figure got closer, this person dropped the basketball. With fright, he said: “I’ll give you anything you want. Who are you?” The dark figure came up to him and immediately pulled off its mask. With beautiful light it touched him and said: “I am your guardian angel!”  

Do you notice the healing process? By not running away and facing his darker nature, its dark energy was transformed into a beautiful light energy which lifted his soul. Why? His limited ego consciousness got in touch with his higher “divine” consciousness. This altered consciousness experience gave him a new knowledge—about himself—that he did not have before. He came to know his higher self for better life results.

We have talked today about dreams and how they can be used to heal you. So, overall, ask yourself a couple of questions: 1) “How am I in touch with ‘divine’ consciousness?”; 2) “How can I improve my connection?”

If you have no answer, do not worry. However, do you know why God made trees? So, you can have some paper and a pencil! Document your dreams, to not forget. And, why not? Don’t you need a healing or two?