Psycho-Spiritual Therapy: The Deepest Way To Discover Yourself!

Mental Health issues have become the new normal affecting every 1 in 8 people worldwide. The deteriorating situation poses a challenge for the mental health profession to devise innovative and evidence-based methods that suits a person’s condition. But things don’t end with merely science. Psychotherapy, like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) or EMDR therapy are commonly recommended in cases of anxiety, depression, stress or trauma. People, too, use other techniques to cope better with these issues. For example, some prefer to go hiking. Numerous ways can help you overcome mental health issues.

Of these, the depth and uniqueness of  psycho-spiritual therapy exists! If you aren’t aware of it yet, no need to worry. This blog will cover some of the important aspects of Dr. Joseph Lancaster’s psycho-spiritual therapy, derived from Gnostic Pneumatherapy, which is his Gnostic-Jungian approach. So, let’s begin our brief discussion about this type of psycho-spirituality.


What is Psycho-Spiritual Therapy? It’s Viewpoint?

Psycho-spiritual therapy is the amalgamation of psychology and spirituality. It combines two essential aspects of deeper reality—with multi-cultural and multi-religious open-mindedness involved. This approach will help you truly discover many unknown mysteries of your inner and outer world of being, i.e., divine health –which is universal– via this gain of self-knowledge.

This is critically important because if you are not truly awake, you don’t know who you are; which creates negative life consequences. However, psycho-spiritual therapy can stimulate you to know! Thus, Dr. Lancaster provides Divine Life Therapy (which is the home of Gnostic Pneumatherapy) as pathways for coming into this deep knowing!

What are the Practices of Psycho-Spiritual Therapy?

Becoming psycho-spiritually developed helps you explore your inner self to find balance, e.g., gradually freeing yourself from suffering. Techniques are effective because they don’t allow negative thoughts to prosper. Stimulating methods provide you with the inner development needed for a positive mindset, which can wholly rejuvenate your soul.

For example, when you feel extremely anxious or depressed, your therapist can assist you in choosing a spiritual technique such as meditation, hypnosis, EMDR, dreams, or visionary work. These methods and others, world over, can help you to regain focus and eliminate negative thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. This is true because these types of techniques also offer you an integration of divinity for personal benefit, meaning an overall wellness of being: mind, body, and spirit.

Again, if you’re considering participating in psycho-spiritual sessions, Dr. Joseph Lancaster is available. Under the guidance of Dr. Stephan A. Hoeller, world renowned Gnostic-Jungian scholar, Dr. Lancaster has founded a new psycho-spiritual way of treatment: Gnostic Pneumatherapy.

Gnostic Pneumatherapy has been in use for many years now. It’s a path work which aims to reduce patients’ emotional, psychological, behavioural, and spiritual suffering by stimulating them to gain a deeper self-insight, as opposed to merely relying on limited and ineffective ways which didn’t work before. This psycho-spiritual therapy can also help you to reach  deep and profound answers to life’s most challenging questions. It enables you to connect with your unconscious mind, and beyond, to gain the greatest benefits of spirituality!

A Word From Divine Life Therapy

There are numerous ways to overcome and manage upsetting things–in a psychological and emotional way. Each solution has its pros and cons. Therefore, you need to find what suits you best. If your goal is to explore your inner divine self, and heal from it, then the approach, just mentioned, may work for you.

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