The Power of Dreams Analysis


Dreams and visions are similar experiences. However, it’s been said the dreams is a vision of the night. Visions are a state of mind between being asleep and being awake.

Either way, a person who has a dream or vision can experience through their intuition a profound knowledge of that mystery which influences their lives. Why are intuitive experiences important from dreams and visions?

It’s common that people cannot answer their key life questions, “Who am I?” They suffer in life because of this lack of knowing where they came from, who they are, and where they’re going. Often people try to answer this question based on their life’s role. For example, I am am mom, dad, taxpayer, burger flipper, which is inaccurate due to limitations of time and space.

So, to answer our question about the problem, let’s look a the solution. Intuitive experiences from dreams and visions are the solution to one’s lack of divine knowledge and therefore, wholeness in life. This lack of profound wisdom and experience produces mental, emotional and behavioral sufferings in life. Most people who have problems, meaning, all of us, are tired of the same old thing. We want answers that can save us from mental and emotional suffering to become the rare individual; the healthy one.

Therefore, looking in the mirror is important for those answers, right? Dreams and visions are those mirrors from which we can make our own self-discoveries, and thus, we can find enlightenment and healing.

Over the last 20 years, I’ve been working with many patients to understand their dreams and visions. This meaningful and purposeful experience has served their inner and outer life to become healthy. If this natural healing approach is important for you, please see my videos or join me for a free 15 minute session to discuss how understanding your visions and dreams can help you.