Gnostic Pneumatherapy® Step-By-Step Path


Life is full of chaos because people don’t know themselves. People are unconscious about how they affect others negatively because of their unawareness. This is their unhealth “familiarities” or “normal” because unconsciousness exists where there is mental and emotional pain and then it radiates outward towards others.

We know that this problem of people being unconscious is true because you can only give what you got. But this unconsciousness and projected pain creates and maintains a world of chaos.

Who wants that?

Thus, like human egos known as the heroes from ancient and modern stories, he or she goes through problems with depression, anger, anxiety, poor judgement, or insight. Some may even have these negative thoughts and emotions towards God.

As the Gnostics say, many people don’t know where they came from, who they are or where they’re going. This unconsciousness is a real problem concerning us knowing our own true nature while on Earth and what to do about it.

Gnostic Pneumatherapy® provides you with an open minded psychological and spiritual path related to our multifaceted nature and existence from which to live a happier life. This happens in a meaningful, valuable, and purposeful way. Therefore, Gnostic Pneumatherapy® is an ancient wisdom and practice for you.

For example, you may think of this path work to be like the Hero’s journey of Luke Skywalker from Star Wars or Frodo from Lord of the Rings or even Dante from the Divine Comedy. The path work stimulates spontaneous self-knowledge that liberates the mind from its ignorance, illusions, self-knowledge, forgetfulness, and therefore, the sufferings of this world. Overall, like the heroes mentioned earlier, you can receive step by step mentorship from Gnostic Pneumatherapy® to conquer your lower self and experience your higher self for freedom, enlightenment, and health.

If this lifetime experience matters, please see my videos or join me for a free 15 minute session to talk about what Gnostic Pneumatherapy® can do for you.