What Does Relationship Anxiety Look Like?

Relationships develop on trust, love, care, and understanding. Though several ups and down instances may occur, your bond must be strong enough to cope with all challenges. No matter how much effort you and your partner put in, a few things can tumble the firm basis of your relationship. When this happens, some couples resort to aggressive or isolated behavior. In case you or your partner are constantly ending up in conversations in heated arguments, ‘Couples Therapy Anger Management‘ may be the best option for both of you. It may seem exaggerated, but relationship issues can significantly impact your mental health. You may see anxiety, stress, sleep troubles, and depression symptoms but rarely would know the root cause behind your deteriorating psychological and physical health. Therefore, Divine Therapy brings you a summary of what relationship anxiety may look like. Read on!


What is Relationship Anxiety?

You have a loving and caring partner, and you both are happy to be in a relationship. You trust each other, respect boundaries, and understand each other’s communication styles.

But things do not seem as happy as on the surface. Deep inside, you keep questioning yourself, your relationship, and your partner.

‘Will things last?’

‘How to know if they are the right one?’

‘Are they hiding something from you?’

‘Do they even love you?’

Questions like these cloud your mind every time you think about your relationship. You question not only your partner but also your own ability to maintain the bond you both share.


‘Am I good enough for him?’

‘Can I even take this relationship forward?’


All these worries have a name– relationship anxiety. It refers to feelings of insecurity, doubt, and worry that pop up in your relationship, even if everything is going great.

Is It Normal To Have Relationship Anxiety?

In terms of psychotherapy, relationship anxiety is completely normal. Some people experience it at the beginning when they are unsure of their partner’s feelings, while others start developing issues when everything seems pretty alright. It can happen in all relationships; however, the magnitude of the problem may differ. When everything becomes extremely hard, it is time you seek the help of a therapist, as ignoring the symptoms over a long time can lead to a lack of motivation, emotional exhaustion, upset stomach, and other physical concerns.

Many times, the causes of anxiety may not result from the relationship itself. But, your behavior and attitude will change, making your relationship complicated.

What Are Common Signs Of Relationship Anxiety?

Relationship anxiety can occur in different forms. At times you may feel insecure about the relationship and have commitment issues. It is pretty common to have doubts and fears. But if it affects your everyday life, then seek the help of a psychotherapist asap!

Here is what relationship anxiety can look like:

Do I matter?

A common question you keep looking for an answer to– Do I matter? You question your worth and seek your partner’s recognition. In terms of psychotherapy, it refers to a fundamental need of every human to feel secure, connect and belong to someone you love. And that’s not all you worry about; there are lots of other doubts like

‘Your partner doesn’t miss you in your absence.’

‘they are here only for things you offer them.’

What If They Don’t Love Me?

Relationships are like flowers that bloom in the spring seasons. They demand care and love, but the clouds of suspicion and insecurity start to loom over these beautiful flowers and take away their beauty.

People exchange I love you faster than they exchange clothes. These impulsive actions soon start to trigger feelings of doubt. 

‘Do they even love me?’

‘What if I was a mismatch?’

You even start questioning your partner’s kind gestures when they ask you for lunch or walk you home. No matter what they do, the constant thought ‘they don’t love me’ keeps lurking in your head. These doubts usually appear when they act distant suddenly, but if everything is going smooth and still you feel this way, it can be a case of relationship anxiety.

Will Our Relationship End?

A healthy and happy relationship makes you feel good, secure, and loved. It is human nature to hold onto these feelings and hope nothing ever disrupts them. However, overthinking can transform these thoughts into a persistent fear of losing your partner. 

This behavior becomes problematic when you start avoiding conversations and issues to secure your partner’s affection.

How To Overcome Relationship Anxiety?

Hard times are part of life. It seems impossible to overcome your fears and insecurity at first, but with a few tips, you will be able to get out of this loop:

  • Practice Mindfulness
  • Establish Good Communication
  • Start focusing on yourself
  • Try to understand your partner

If nothing works out, talk to a therapist. Simply google therapy for relationship anxiety and get the support you need.


Every relationship has its essence, and not all relationships are certain. Accept and enjoy your time now because life is all about living in the present. If you need support, Divine Therapy is here to help you!

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