Emotional Neglect In Marriage: How To Deal With It!

A happily ever after doesn’t mean happy couples haven’t dealt with problems in their life. It means that they have overcome plenty of bumps in the road together. Life is never easy for anyone. Everyone faces relationship bumps. While trying to cope with things for a long time in your marriage and facing bigger problems can further lead to emotional neglect.

Emotional neglect is when one loses the attachment and does not emotionally fulfill the other partner’s needs. The other partner starts feeling emotionally insecure and unsafe with the partner who neglects them emotionally. The couples with this problem have a negative effect on their personal life. They both suffer from physical and mental pain in their life.

Some couples discuss their problems and try to solve them. If the issues aren’t solved, seeking Professional Counseling Services is great option. A professional will understand your problems, analyze your situation and help you solve them through couple’s therapy sessions. Moreover, let’s dive deeper into the topic: emotional neglect, its signs, and how you can deal with it.

Naglect in marriage

Emotional Neglect: Sign!

Sometimes it can be a little difficult to know whether your partner is neglecting you emotionally or not. You may get confused with your partner’s behavior. Below are some most common signs of emotional neglect:

  • You always feel alone in a relationship.
  • Rather than spending time with your partner, you prefer to spend time alone.
  • Your partner shuts you down whenever you try to talk.
  • Misunderstandings between you two.
  • Lack of engagement in social activities like other couples.
  • You feel comfortable sharing things with your friend rather than your partner.
  • Your feelings are constantly ignored or suppressed by you.
  • Lack of physical intimacy between you two.
  • Hard to trust your partner sometimes.

Emotional Neglect: Causes!

The causes of emotional neglect may vary depending on the relationship’s situation.  You and your partner are more occupied with your interests, barely spending time with each other. The longer you stay away, the more difficult it becomes to communicate with each other, thus making you feel frustrated.

Emotional neglect by–being insensitive to the other person–can be one of the reasons couples don’t want to spend time with each other, as they get annoyed by the person’s behavior. Couples Counseling at Divine Life Therapy can help you fix personal life issues. With this kind of help, you can develop a healthy relationship and enjoy life to the maximum.

How To Deal With Emotional Neglect?

Not everyone has a perfect relationship. But to make it perfect, you have to deal with such situations by discussing your problems. Here are a few tips on how you can deal with your emotional neglect in your marriage as follows:

1. Avoid Becoming A Victim:

Some people say their partner’s behavior is not genuine sometimes. So they avoid talking to them and don’t want to face them. But if you ignore the situation, this might create a space in your relationship, which worsens over time. The other partner should not play the victim card to try to solve their problems. Don’t blame your partner for hurting you. Try to talk to them and tell them how much their actions hurt you. Always remember that communication is one key solution to any marriage problem.

2. Understand & Examine The Cause Of behavior:

Understand the cause of your partner’s behavior and try to analyze it. Evaluate whether your partner is doing it because they are frustrated. Family problems? Past relationships? Or there is any other reason behind this behavior, and you must find out the problem and remedy it. You can try to understand the reason behind the behavior. So, without making any assumptions, ask the question and listen for the evidence.

3. Keep An Eye On Things Happening:

Don’t keep everything to yourself, and keep an eye on things happening in your life. It will save you from big problems and prevent them from happening in the future. If you communicate with your partner about things going wrong, you can help them deal with the situation too. Sometimes your partner does not understand that they are hurting or neglecting you. So don’t say much and keep observing them.

4. Discuss Constructively:

Talk to your partner in a relaxing environment. Tell them about the problem and ask them what the problem is. Discuss how you both can work together to solve it. Don’t upset each other; try to avoid silly arguments, as they can worsen things. The relationship is not always about who is right and who is wrong—but, connection is key. So try to discuss the problems and ensure you know what’s going on in your partner’s mind and emotions.

5. Get Professional Help:

You should consult a professional counselor if there is any problem in your relationship. They will help you to deal with all kinds of problems together and make your relationship happier. The relationship problems that professional counseling services can handle are often solved by educating the individuals on where they are wrong and how their behavior has hurt their partner. Counseling helps couples understand and work together to maintain a healthy relationship.

Final Word-Be Patient!

It’s a situation where you both have to be patient. Some couples are stuck in a pattern of emotional neglect, in which they become so used to their partner’s behaviors that they stop noticing them. This is not the right thing to do.

If you’re married to someone who seems constantly cold, quiet, and withdrawn, chances are you’ve started seeing the signs. That’s too bad. If a problem has gotten this far, it needs professional counseling to help get back on the right track.

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