The “Shadow”, Carl Jung’s concept (part 2)


The shadow is based on what they experienced in daily normal life although that daily normal life was an unhealthy normal life, and as children oh, this is, this is normal, right, but it’s arguing, complaining, whatever because they had those kinds of parents and all that becomes part of their shadow side, and then as they get much older in their 20s, 30s, 40s 50s if they’re still acting that way which is very childish against because they’re affected by their shadow side which is their automatic they’re normal that’s all they know they have unresolved issues they’re not like the buddha or the christ the Krishna, you know they’re they’re more like the devil the demon or whatever you want to call it so do you believe in such a thing as a as a bad person, or do all people have some good and all people have some bad and some people, even as bad as they get they could still have some good or some people just inherently bad i mean can we define people in these these terms well, there is definitely good and bad in everybody some people have a bigger and darker shadow side than others if someone does their uh shadow work then we could say the shadow becomes smaller or lighter, but still the shadow’s always there sure without question because it’s not perfect is right exactly although with pneumatherapy, the pathway that i provide it’s there to help uh people have you could say progress, not perfection progress, not perfection progress, not perfection but yet the secret is the more you do this the more you become perfected you see because instead of being a shattered person like the seven deadly sins greed lust, anger, etc again the anger becomes peace. Yeah the the dishonesty becomes truth, so all of that relates to a person no longer being like shattered glass ouch ouch grief lust anger pride ouch ouch it when you put when you put it all back together with those fragments, you become a more whole complete, and balanced person and when you become this whole a complete and balanced person like jesus’s halo, let’s say, or even the buddha then that balance means freedom from suffering and or causing suffering