By Dr. Joseph Lancaster

The idea of soulmates has been tossed around for a long time. But what does it truly mean for couples? The term soul entails one’s thoughts and feelings (plus, a bit of intuition). The term mate implies one’s best friend and lover. If we put both ideas together, we are talking about soulmates.
However, there is one key element that we cannot forget, the ego. This part of the soul relates to one’s personal “will.” For example, “I will tell myself to be with you—romantically.” When this type of “willing” happens between two people, they are heading toward becoming true soulmates.

But why does this type of “willing” happen? It’s based on a person’s judgment. In other words, people “will” themselves to be romantically together due to their soul’s thinking and feeling judgments. For example, potential lovers mentally judge whether they want to be with a particular someone due to their feelings, saying, “I like this person, or I don’t like the person.” If good fortune is present, the thinking portion of their mind says, “Based on my good feelings about this person, I want to be with them—romantically.” And, when they come together, sooner or later, the rest is history!

However, to be soulmates—in the truest sense—there is a deeper meaning to it. The word “soul” has a deep connotation to it, so there is more to explore. For example, the words “soul and spirit” have been used interchangeably for a long time. Thus, there is a deeper quality to being or becoming soulmates than a couple merely being mental, emotional, and physical lovers. A couple also has the potential to intuit the spiritual qualities of their bonding per their current relationship or the building of their relationship. This spiritual existence is realized through the qualities of peacefulness, balance, healing, inspiration, understanding, selflessness, and joyfulness.

No wonder why the words “soul and spirit” have been used interchangeably, but most importantly, both terms point to something within a couple’s relationship that is beyond the qualities of time and space. Both terms point to something that is mysteriously healing, breathtaking, awe-inspiring, adoring, and so much more about the person whom one is with, one’s soul mate! Gratefulness is needed then because the divine has something to do with a couple’s spiritual realization—which is beyond words—but truly beautiful between them, as the WE, the US, the Yin-Yang!

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