Is Gnostic Psycho-Spiritual therapy right for you?

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Dr. Joseph Lancaster, Founder of Gnostic Pneumatherapy® psycho-spiritual therapy and analysis, is ready to work with you. If you are:

Eager to alleviate emotional distress caused by anxiety, depression, excessive anger or stress.

Determined to gain control over these sufferings exploring your inner questions.

Willing to do the necessary work.

Dr. Lancaster may be the specialist to work with you to overcome these challenges.

Our mission is to tune into and watch/listen, to the spirit within, and offer quality and effective therapy with spirit. We want to help you reduce emotional suffering and connect to your own deepest resources.

Dr. Lancaster works with groups, couples, and individuals–21 years of age or older working to treat depression, anxiety, bipolar, schizophrenia, pain related disorders, alcohol/drug issues, personality disorders, anger, panic attacks, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), adjustment disorders, grief/loss, employment difficulties, military/veterans, spiritual issues, and relationship problems.

Putting to use talk therapy and hypnosis, he specializes in psycho-spiritual therapy and analysis (laying down on a couch or sitting). He is the0Founder of Gnostic Pneumatherapy®. This “Gnostic-Jungian” approach works with dreams, visions, rituals, symbols, active imagination, intuition, and humor. He welcomes patients from a variety of religious backgrounds and preferences.

He has conducted psychological evaluations for patients undergoing surgeries like nerve stimulator, bariatric, and the morphine pain pump.

You can learn new habits of thinking and come to see yourself and your potential anew. You can begin to accept your experience and find serenity. You can practice mindful awareness and make decisions that help you reach your goals.