Joseph Lancaster

Is therapy the best solution for me?

Dr. Joseph Lancaster, Founder of Gnostic Pneumatherapy® psycho-spiritual therapy and analysis, is ready to work with you. If you are:

Eager to alleviate emotional distress caused by anxiety, depression, excessive anger or stress.

Determined to gain control over these sufferings exploring your inner questions.

Willing to do the necessary work.

Dr. Lancaster may be the specialist to work with you to overcome these challenges.

Our mission is to tune into and watch/listen, to the spirit within, and offer quality and effective therapy with spirit. We want to help you reduce emotional suffering and connect to your own deepest resources.

Dr. Lancaster works with groups, couples, and individuals–21 years of age or older working to treat depression, anxiety, bipolar, schizophrenia, pain related disorders, alcohol/drug issues, personality disorders, anger, panic attacks, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), adjustment disorders, grief/loss, employment difficulties, military/veterans, spiritual issues, and relationship problems.

Putting to use talk therapy and hypnosis, he specializes in psycho-spiritual therapy and analysis (laying down on a couch or sitting). He is the0Founder of Gnostic Pneumatherapy®. This “Gnostic-Jungian” approach works with dreams, visions, rituals, symbols, active imagination, intuition, and humor. He welcomes patients from a variety of religious backgrounds and preferences.

He has conducted psychological evaluations for patients undergoing surgeries like nerve stimulator, bariatric, and the morphine pain pump.

You can learn new habits of thinking and come to see yourself and your potential anew. You can begin to accept your experience and find serenity. You can practice mindful awareness and make decisions that help you reach your goals.


"Throughout my lifetime I benefited from the help of many good therapists, however, Dr. Lancaster rates at the very top. Extremely professional, caring, and helpful. I look forward to each session and have always gained new tools and a deeper understanding of how to cope and gain control."

- Antonio Pellegrino
"I have been going to Dr. Lancaster for less than a year. Before that, I had been seen by almost 10 different therapists and psychologists. I had never found relief from my symptoms. Worse, I never found someone that I thought was even on the same page as I was and understood what was going on with me. It was very frustrating. Since starting seeing Dr. Lancaster, I feel more understood than by any of the other professionals. He has been able to understand me personally, and diagnosed me with 2 diagnoses that I hadn't been given before. It's been a slow process, but I know that therapy can take time. He is very nice, knowledgeable, and caring. He also "gives it to you straight". Dr. Lancaster doesn't just keep seeing you because he wants to get paid (he offered to not see me if I felt I wasn't being helped and offered to recommend where I could go next). He has very advanced knowledge in spirituality, psychology, and also how they relate. He has specific psychological techniques that I had never tried before. The most important thing I can say about Dr. Lancaster is he has true Wisdom. The front desk is helpful, and as far as scheduling they seem usually to be able to fit me in when I need it."

- Matthew Rossi
"Dr. Lancaster's unique approach to my therapy sessions has been very effective. He's awesome!"

- Steven Taylor
"Dr. Lancaster has helped me with a lot of things that I'm dealing with and I’m grateful to have him as my therapist! He's very understanding and thorough, making sure your needs are met and that you are okay before leaving the session. I definitely do recommend him."

- Kjhersty Mejia
"As for my doctor, he has saved my marriage, as well as helped me personally know myself, which has given me confidence, and a positive attitude towards life. I highly recommend Dr. Lancaster"

- Wendy Sullivan
"Dr. Lancaster has been nothing but amazing in my mental health care and treatment. Dr. Lancaster is kind and understanding, teaching me coping skills and strategies to better manage a positive outlook in daily life. Dr. Lancaster is an expert in the field of trauma, crisis, PTSD as well as depression and anxiety. Offering group therapy in a trusting atmosphere. I highly recommend Dr. Lancaster for excellent mental health care and treatment."

- Mary Caneta
"Dr. Lancaster has helped me so much with a lot of things that I'm dealing with. He's very understanding and thorough!"

- Amber Marie
"I have been seeing Dr. Lancaster for a few years he is an amazing compassionate Doctor who cares a lot about his patients. I know this as I have attended many group sessions. I have grown so much from my many sessions. If you are looking for an excellent Doctor look no further!!"

- Aimee Robb