Dr. Joseph Lancaster offers Gnostic Pneumatherapy® psycho-spiritual counseling. It’s a unique view of therapy and analysis that emerges out of the healing arts of ancient Gnosticism and the contemporary depth psychological tradition of Dr. Carl Jung. Using this view, therapists and patients can approach healing from the four systems of human nature: the Source, the spirit, the soul, and the body. We focus on listening and observing the wisdom of all four systems offers us the best outcome for healing.

To quiet the chatter of the mind, to soothe the turbulent emotions, and to alleviate the body’s distress, we can draw upon the sources of wisdom and learn to practice a way of life that is:

  • open to what is, 
  • centered in the present moment, and 
  • committed to act from your deepest values, the will of the spirit within. 

You will ask deeper questions and expect more profound answers in order to protect your dream and wake up to the person you are meant to be.

Our human problem is a lack of knowledge. Simply put, it’s our ignorance. To defeat ignorance, we must view ourselves differently, not as isolated entities. We are participants of the spirit world, members of a creative community looking find and establish peace in ourselves and in our world. We each belong to that community of 

beings and our conscious involvement in that spiritual community is the key to unlocking the dynamics of liberation. 

And liberation is the precursor to finding wholeness.

The Gnostic Pneumatherapy® psycho-spiritual approach answers the lack of knowledge problem by providing a vision and a plan. The vision spells out the reality of human nature and the purpose of our lives from a Gnostic point of view. The plan offers specific steps you can take in finding your own connection to the inner world.

The Gnostic Pneumatherapy® psycho-spiritual approach grows out of a hundred plus years of psychotherapy and analysis pioneered by Dr. Jung. Dr. Lancaster has extended the focus on the mind and body to include the center of our being – the spirit, and the root of all being, the Source. It is by learning to watch and listen to the spirit within that we can:

  • stay open to what life brings us, 
  • experience the present moment, and 
  • act according to the deepest values to which we commit ourselves. 

Dr. Lancaster has been initiated into the Gnostic tradition and mentored by Dr. Stephan A. Hoeller, Gnostic Bishop and Jungian Scholar, since 2001. To the best of Dr. Lancaster’s ability, he practices the principles he has learned. He has the experience, knowledge, and wisdom to offer this service. 


Dr. Joseph Lancaster’s Qualifications

Dr. Lancaster is a licensed psychologist who is certified to practice Gnostic Pneumatherapy’s® unique therapy and analytical sessions as its founder and co-author. Since 2001, he has been personally mentored by Dr. Stephan A. Hoeller—his spiritual grandfather—who is a worldwide renowned author, speaker, Jungian scholar and associate, Gnostic bishop, and spiritual authority on Gnosticism. He has been initiated into secret orders that practice many elements contained in Gnosticism and Carl Jung’s depth psychology. His published books have a “Gnostic-Jungian ” orientation.  Most importantly, his psycho-spiritual writing called Gnostic Therapy lasted from 2007 till 2008. Since 2009, this work has become known as the Gnostic-Jungian writing of Gnostic Pneumatherapy.®